Wowzr X-TEREO Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speakers Power up your music – unlike the competition where you only have 1, get 2 powerful speakers for a similar price and fuller sound that connect via Bluetooth to deliver rich, crisp, booming stereo sound for a whopping 15 hours. Product #: XTER Regular price: £149.00


High Fidelity Bluetooth Portable Speakers

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  • Features

    • Portable Wireless Stereo 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker Set (2 separate units)
    • Sense surround Stereo impact with separate left and right channels
    • Wireless bluetooth Technology
    • Compatible with any smartphone & tablet
    • X-Dream wireless play back time is about 12 hours.
    • Simply press a button to hear how much battery is left.
    • A Perfect Travel Gadget & Gift
    • Choose to use one, the other, or both!
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    What makes X-Tereo Awesome

    How to pair X-Tereo and more (filmed on iPhone 5s)

  • What's in the box

    • X-Tereo Bluetooth HiFi Speaker Set x 2  
    • Portable Travel Case.  
    • USB Speaker Charging Cables x 2 
    • Aux Line out cables with universal 3.5mm headphone jack x2  
    • Non-Slip Pads x 2                                 
  • Description

    Dynamic Music Duo

    The X-Tereo Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Set delivers the ultimate in portable, stunning stereo sound. Where other leading brands squash the left and right channel into a single speaker, with X-Tereo you get 2 speakers separating the left and right channel for a rich stereo experience; all for one great price. Use the speakers either individually or as a combined pair and enjoy epic sound without messy wires.

    Like the X-POP, it completely changes the way you share music at home, at work, in the gym or on a road trip. Especially handy for house parties! Responsive bluetooth means you can send that playlist directly from your mobile phone, without any messy time-wasting wires. X-Tereo’s high-quality True Stereo Sound reaches every corner of your room.

    It’s sturdy as well, built for everyday life. And when life need not be confined to headphones, you can use the X-TEREO to share the soundtrack of your mind without seclusion from the rest of the world!

    A Stunning Travel Gadget

    Built in each stereo in this set are 2 high quality speaker drivers in the front and 1 big bass drive in the back; featuring crystal clear music, making it possible to hear rich details in the music you never even noticed with an ample supply of bass. Structurally, thick housing and silicon wrap means protection for outdoor use, also excellent for sound quality

    In that perfectly planned vacation, it is more than likely that your hotel won’t quite have the sound system you want. If like many music lovers your daily rituals come with specific soundtracks, then this is like a little sound system for your time away. Replicate home in your holiday haven, if only in terms of familiar music and sounds wherever you’re off to.

    The X-TEREO is also a fantastic gift. A party package of superb sound and design. Every friend and family member who own a smartphone and love music need this as a present!

  • FAQs

    How do I get started with my X- Tereo Wireless HiFi Speaker Set?

    Press the Power button to switch each X- Tereo speaker on. The white indicator should light up and the speakers should make a sound. Then press the Pairing button on one X- Tereo speaker for 2 seconds, then repeat the same step on the other speaker. After about 10 seconds, your two X- Tereo speakers will be paired. You should then hear instructions prompting the next step. Turn on the Bluetooth settings on your Bluetooth device. You will hear a sound after a successful connection. Factory default sets the grey X-Tereo as LEFT and the red or blue X-Tereo as RIGHT.

    Why can’t I turn my X- Tereo on?

    First, double check that you’ve pushed the power button in the right place. If the power is on but the indicator light is not, then the battery is flat. Recharge your X- Tereo battery then turn it on again to enjoy its portable professional stereo sound.

    Do I have to manually connect my Bluetooth device to the X-Stereo every time?

    No, a clever little function of the X- Stereo is that after it has been manually paired to your device for the first time, it will then automatically attempt to connect first to each other, then to the last device it was connected to each time it’s turned on. If the connection is not successful, to each other or to the last connected device, your X-Tereo speakers will enter ‘Manual Pairing Mode’. You can then follow the steps in the first FAQ to manually pair your speakers again.

    Why won’t my Bluetooth device connect to my X-Tereo?

    The X-Tereo has a wireless distance range of less than 10 metres, or 33 feet. Try moving your Bluetooth device closer to make sure it isn’t out of range. If this doesn’t work, make sure that the Bluetooth is active on your device and that the X- Tereo is on. Disconnect your X- Tereo device from other Bluetooth devices first and make sure that you’re connected to the right one. Make sure you can find “X- TEREO” on your device, and try turning your X- Tereo off then back on again.

    I'm having problems using my X-Tereo with my laptop

    The Bluetooth driver in laptops is different from smart phones and tablets. When you are running other software of your laptop, it can affect the Bluetooth connection, so (as it will be for any Bluetooth speakers) there can be connection problems when they connect to laptops. In short, they're not explicitly compatible with laptops that have bluettoth drivers designed for connecting to Bluetooth mouse/keyboard or other hardware.

    How do I charge my X- Tereo Wireless HiFi Speaker Set?

    The X- Tereo comes with two USB charging cables included, so you’re able to charge it easily and efficiently with any computer or adaptor with a USB 5V output. If you can’t recharge your X- Tereo, check that you’ve plugged your cable in correctly and check that your USB or adaptor are working properly and are switched on.

    How long does the X- Tereo battery last for?

    The X- Tereo has an amazing 15 hours of rechargeable battery life, making it the perfect travel companion.

    Why can’t I pair both of my speakers to Double Mode?

    First make sure that both X- Tereos are disconnected from other devices, then move your Bluetooth device and both X- Tereos away from other wireless sources as you could be experiencing interference. Then try moving your Bluetooth device closer, as it might just be out of range. Two X-Tereo speakers should be less than 2 metres or 6.6 feet apart.

    What should I do if the music is distorted or drops out on my X-Tereo?

    Try moving your Bluetooth device and X- Tereo away from other wireless sources in case you’re experiencing interference from them, and make sure that your Bluetooth device is within the X- Stereo’s 10 metre range. Then make sure that other objects aren’t blocking the reception between your device and the X- Stereo, and if your X-Tereo speakers have low battery power, try recharging it before using it again.  Turn the volume down on your device and the X-Tereo speakers too, as if they’re both too high this can lead to distortion.

    Why am I getting a weird or distorted sound when I play music?

    Sometimes if your X-Tereo is not on a flat surface, or if it is surrounded by small or lightweight objects this can cause an abnormal sound output. Ideally place your X- Tereo speakers on the included non- slip mats to minimise movement and get maximum stereo quality too.

    Why does my music not start playing again after a phone call?

    This all depends on the type of mobile phone you’ve connected to the X- Tereo. If music doesn’t resume after a phone call, don’t panic and simply press the Play button again to keep enjoying X- Tereo’s fantastically smooth audio sound.

    Why is the microphone not clear?

    Make sure you’re right in front of the speaker microphone, and don’t be too far away from it when you have a phone call. Best practice is to be less than 40 cm or 16 inches away.

    When I’m in Double Mode, why is there no sound or music coming from the auxiliary speaker after giving a battery charge reading?

    Press the Phone Button once on the auxiliary speaker and the music will resume.

    When in Double Mode, why does the auxiliary speaker lose connection?

    Make sure that your Bluetooth device is not downloading through Wifi, as this can cause interference. Once you’ve stopped downloading, re-pair both X-Tereos manually.

    What should I do if the X- Tereo starts working abnormally or if the system stops completely?

    Press the Volume Down Button and Phone Button simultaneously. This will reset the X- Tereo to factory default condition. You can then pair the speakers again manually.

    Why does the X- Tereo come with two separate speakers?

    Incredible, crisp HiFi sound has to come from two separate speakers: a left and a right channel. Other portable speaker systems try to jam the two channels into one product but that’s too close together to create true stereo sound. While you can still use each X-Tereo speaker individually, connect the two together wirelessly for a powerful stereo experience.

    How do I best take care of my X- Tereo?

    The X-Tereo is built to last with a protective silicon sleeve to protect it against knocks and bumps and a bespoke carry case to make it the perfect travel companion. Be sure to protect your X-Tereo though from bumps, high temperatures, direct sunlight and water, and make sure to unplug it from its charger before cleaning.


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