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Organise Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

19 Oct 2017 14:32:18

The kitchen is the heart of the home -  not the TV, no matter what the kids say. From Sunday lunches to dinner parties, some of our happiest family moments happen at meal times. It’s also an organisational hub, where we plan our shopping, pack our children’s lunches, and prepare every meal. 


By looking after and running the kitchen well, we can make our lives a lot less stressful, more efficient, and even have more “me” time on top. In fact, there’s some science behind it; according to Psychology Today,  clutter causes distraction and, for many of us, this makes it harder to focus, relax and feel at ease. It also makes us feel like we have more to do, and can be embarrassing when a friend or colleague drops by.


We really believe that a happy kitchen is a happy house, so let’s declutter, destress and organise. Here are the Wowzr team’s top 5 tips for having a perfectly organised kitchen.


1. Start with the fridge / freezer


Just how organised is your fridge or freezer? Very few mums or dads open the door and smile because it’s clean, tidy and easy to find just want they need. Well, that’s about to change. Start with a good spring clean - remove the contents, shelves and drawers and wash everything down with a non-corrosive fridge cleaner, or simply Fairy liquid. 


Before you replace the shelves and drawers, label them. Place “meat/fish” at the bottom, “Fresh goods” in the middle, “dairy and cooked” at the top. This will stop raw meat from dripping onto your other foods, keep vegetables at a more even temperature, and the fresher dairy products  (like cheese and yoghurt) will be easy to find at the top. Label the freezer drawers in a similar way, organising for food types.


Mostly importantly, it will help keep your family on task when they go rummaging around for snacks. Now you won’t lose track of food and will throw less of it away. And it will also be much fast when it comes to planning your food shopping.


2. Fix that cupboard chaos


Right, you’ve fixed the fridge. It’s almost time to celebrate, but you still have the cupboards and cabinets to go through. Get the kids to help if you think it’s a big job, but take everything out. It’s time to be ruthless. 


Do you have old or out-of-date food, or tins of things you’re never going to eat? It’s time to throw out the bad and donate the stuff you’re not going to use.


Clean out and tidy everything and make sure your family takes note of where things need to go. It will make your life a lot easier in the long run and planning your shopping trips will be much faster if you can see at a glance what you need and don’t need.


Then do the same with old pots, pans and bric a brac. Anything old, crusty, rusty or out of use needs to go. You’ll be surprised how much breathing room you’ll give yourself and how much easier it is to keep things neat and tidy in future.


3. Stock up on food labels and Flat Stacks


Okay, that was a lot of work! We’ll let you take a break soon, we promise. It’s time to head to the supermarket and buy food labels and a decent marker pen. 


When storing food, use airtight containers and add a label to say what the food is and when it was cooked. That way you know it’s safe to eat and you won’t find yourself throwing out yet another frozen solid lasagne. Flat Stacks are a great option, because not only are they airtight, but they stack and take up less room when not in use. You can also safely freeze or refrigerate your food in Flat Stacks. 


If you stick to the habit, you’ll find that you rotate and use your freezer food better and you will save money too!


4. Make the use of ALL the space you have


Let’s face it, we could all do with a little more cupboard space. When you open up your cupboards and cabinets, you’ll probably see stacked glasses, saucepans, and mugs clicking together fighting for room. 


A top tip is to use high quality adhesive plastic hooks. These readily found in your local DIY or hardware store. If you attach these to the underside or back of your cupboards to hang your mugs and utensils you can open up a lot of cupboard real estate. 


Also, rather than keeping your pots and pans in a cupboard, where they can be hard to reach, use wall space instead. Install an attractive rack or a handrail with hooks and hang your pots and pans to free up that extra space. Not only can this look attractive, but it also means your cookware is on hand more easily.


5. Use a knife block or magnetic knife rack


Instead of leaving your sharp cooking knives in the drawers to get blunt, use a wooden knife block. This takes up some counter space, but it means knives are easy to reach and stay sharper for longer. 


Alternatively install a professional knife rack high on the wall. These use a magnetic strip, and are also further out of reach of your younger children.


Now you can relax, put your feet up and enjoy some “me” time, knowing that you have a fully decluttered and much more organised kitchen. Do you have any top organisation tips for the kitchen? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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Sam Cox