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Achieve your fitness goals once and for all

9 Jan 2017 17:44:10

It’s January again and if you’re even a fraction into holiday feasting as I am, let me congratulate you on surviving the season. Although slipping into the winter hibernation that countless dinners with family and friends set us up for, it’s time to get back on track and working on the resolutions list. Losing weight and getting in shape are by far the most popular goals, as everyone hopes to finally get a body they’d proudly flaunt at the beach in a few short months. Unfortunately, about 92% of Britons who make a New Year’s resolution fail by mid-year. If this sounds anything like you, don’t worry - this strategy will help you achieve your fitness goals once and for all.

We’ve been doing it all wrong
Losing weight isn't child's play - Wowzr

I’m first-hand guilty of starting a weightlifting program at the gym and quitting after two months. Why? It’s pretty simple - I hate lifting heavy things. I don’t enjoy a crowded, sweaty gym either. It seems like every other day we read wild claims about a phenomenal new workout that’s supposed to help us lose 25lbs in two weeks  or shed two inches of belly fat after three sessions. Many of us who have a traditional fitness mindset simply make ourselves run for miles every day until we look the way we want to. In the end, none of this works because it is forced.

Forcing ourselves into a type of exercise that we don’t enjoy won’t get us anywhere. Before beginning any type of training, we have to ask ourselves a few basic questions in order to find not the “ideal” fitness regimen, but the one that works best for us. Fact is that the more we enjoy something, the more we will stick with it (also reason why Ben & Jerry will never go out of business). The strategy to achieving your fitness goals once and for all is to be honest with yourself and choose an exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore. I used to pound the treadmill for an hour every morning in college only to end up bored and with exhausted joints. It wasn’t a sustainable way to keep fit, so I began exploring other, more fun options.

Go back to the playground  
Go back to the playground - Wowzr 

Remember the simpler times of childhood when we ran around all day and never worried about having a six pack or fitting into skinny jeans? I missed those times so much so I reverted to childhood exercises. Jumping rope is by far my favorite one. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s also an extremely effective cardio workout. Best of all, you can do it anywhere. I like to get up early and head over to the park where I turn my X-Pop speaker on and jump rope for a half hour. That way, I jump start the day with good music and lots of endorphins. By having a super light speaker and rope I’m able to set up my “gym” anywhere, which is perfect for traveling.

In the spirit of playground fun, give the swings a try. After 20 minutes of propelling yourself on a swing, your abs will be burning, guaranteed. Rollerblading is also one of my top choices as it is incredible for toning up your thighs and bum. It’s that simple  - bring your favorite music with you and have some old-school fun. You really don’t need to spend a whole hour exercising. In fact, twenty minutes to a half hour will do the trick as long as you keep at it and do it four to six times a week.

Curb temptation by being prepared 
Flat Stacks by Wowzr - Excellent way to curb fast food temptation

One of the biggest drawbacks of working out is The Hunger. Do the workout outdoors and tempation will be even greater to grab something fast and chunky. Not necessarly the healthiest option after you've worked your body hard.

Pack yourself a little post-workout reward of fresh fruit in a light container, I always use this one, and go get the body you’ll be proud of.  

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Kao Kawanishi