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Travel Gadgets You Need For Your Vacation From Winter

24 Nov 2016 23:18:19

Over 12 million people go on holiday during the cold months. The bonkers thing about British vacationers wishing to escape Winter is they either go to Sunny Spain, Canary Islands, Tunisia, Maldives, Mexico and Thailand...or they go snowboarding somewhere just as cold as Britain. So wherever it is that you're escaping to, we've got you covered.

Nothing halts a vacation-ready mind more than sleep deprivation, incessant coughs from strangers, bleeding earphones, other unwelcome noises or tech death. And then there's that inconvenient threat of avalanches and such...

Avalanche Pack - Wowzr HQ Wishlist

Avalanche Survival Kit

Autumn can be a great time to head to the mountains for a spot of skiing, but it’s important to stay safe while out on the slopes. This backpack is designed with free skiers in mind, and can save them from being buried under an avalanche should conditions turn tricky. The backpacks have twin airbags, one on either side, and at the pull of the activation handle, helps skiers rise to the top of the debris.

We would like to remind you to bring A Towel. Yes you read it, right. A bit of Douglas Adams-inspired advice: no one should ever leave any planet without a towel. There is space in the backpack for a rolled up one. Ya never know.

Cost: $629
See it here in Wowzr HQ Amazon Wishlist 


Ostrich Pillow - Wowzr HQ Favourite

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow looks ridiculous, there’s no denying it. But it’s a perfect travel companion for when you want to shut out the world and crawl into your secret mind cave or safe space. Sometimes the silliest looking gadget is the one you use most. Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne can attest to that.

If you are comfortable in your own skin and don’t mind drowning your face in this royally bizarre head, then you will enjoy the noise-muffling, super soft quality it will bring to your power nap in uncomfortable spaces.

Cost: $64.99
See it here in Wowzr HQ Amazon Wishlist 



Luminette - a Wowzr HQ Amazon Wishlist gadget


Getting wrecked by Jet lag can ruin a holiday, and as such, everybody has their own cure. The Luminette may be one of the only ones based on actual Science. The device shines white light and blue light in the immediate periphery of your eyes, giving you the same health benefits drawn from sunlight. A couple of hours of fake sunlight after you land at your destination can apparently do wonders for resetting the body clock and recalibrating your senses from “unspeakably tired” to “ready to chat and party”

Cost: $198
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XPOP Love Bluetooth Speaker - Wowzr

XPOP - Teeny Tiny Bluetooth Speaker
. Massive Sound

Life needs a soundtrack. A travel weekend away needs a memorable one that you can play loud and possibly sing (very badly) to.

The most convenient way to take in some music while on the move is with wireless speakers; or a device that can make anything into a speaker.

The XPOP is a beautiful piece of kit.

Resistant to water, sand and oil, the X-Pop is a toughie. It’s also light and compact, yet boasts a full-range speaker with a built-in passive woofer. The result is a glorious 360 degree sound. It has a built-in mic for hands-free and conference calling. It also has a 10 meter bluetooth range.

In a gadget obsessed generation, this one makes a discreet, yet impactful design statement. Apart from its stunning sound it is a trendy little piece of art by Radim Malinic, an award-winning designer based in London. We are such suckers for good design.

Cost $49.95
X-POP One Step Checkout


Minipresso - Wowzr HQ Amazon Wishlist


Some people are zombies before their morning coffee (and we won’t mention names of those in Wowzr HQ who fit this description to a tee). No matter where in the world you’re traveling, the Minipresso is a compact, handheld espresso machine, perfect to give you a shot of inspiration on those sleepy vacation mornings.

Although not exactly the 15-bar pressure you'd expect from your local cafe, this nonetheless infuses pure lightning bolts to the senses, in a bit more of a sensible caffeine-ish form, via 10 bar pressure.

A perfect wake up nudge so you can repurpose the last of last night’s champagne into mimosas…

Cost: $59
See it here in Wowzr HQ Amazon Wishlist  

X-Dream Plus - Portable speaker, power bank and media stand

X-Dream Plus - Portable speaker, Power Bank and Media Stand

There aren't many more annoying things than a dead phone battery just when you want to take that killer photo, or desperately need directions to the nearest train station.

The XD Plus is definitely a Wowzr HQ favourite. It’s a groovy piece of kit featured in Top Ski Gadet lists. Sounds on the go and tech that never goes dead are of almost equal importance during your vacation; if only for tweeting, instagramming (or keeping it for posterity’s sake)— all that while your favorite vacation songs play in the background.

Instead of carrying a separate power bank and portable speaker, This unique device has devised a clever way to pump out music and also power up your mobile device.

Cost: $29
X-Dream One Step Checkout 


And there you have it, our Top 6.  Wowzr HQ prepares your intrepid selves for the timezone leaps and travels across oceans with everything from light therapy glasses to vibrant outdoorsy speakers and wicked power banks. 

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