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Greet 2017 with The Best Coffee Kit

5 Jan 2017 17:17:37

- by Kristina Marie

As we strive to find the meaning of life yet again and we crawl back into work on the first few weeks after Christmas...mindfulness, gratitude and mindset over matter articles seem to abound. While everyone says goodbye to 2016 with weepy tributes to Princess Leia, Prince and David Bowie, millions of us keep calm and carry on with a cup of coffee to greet every bright and new 2017 day.

No time like the present, therefore, for us to bring you our coolest ritual list for maximum coffee enjoyment. Bring it on 2017. 

Here's Wowzr HQ's Top 4:

Coffee Gator Canister

 Coffee Gator - Epic Canister - Wowzr

Coffee Gator containers are indeed for the secret purist inside you and me.  I’ll be completely honest with you: I wince when invited to a home, am offered coffee and see it extracted from the fridge in the original packaging. In my overactive imagination, this abject disrespect for The Coffee in abovementioned half-opened pack (with the moisture it has most certainly absorbed) is akin to...well, someone trying to make tea out of a half-used teabag. Tea travesty, right? Back to point: Coffee Gator has done us all a kindness by taking Science into account and putting respect back into coffee storage.

The best part for us who are suckers for good design is that Coffee Gator canisters are beautiful. Tactile, smooth to the touch, and completed by a coffee scooper with the most adorable gator logo ever! Epic. Oh and if you love those handy tracker things that Brita Water Filter pitchers have mede popular globally, you will LOVE this canister's handy wheel on the lid to track the expiry date. Serve coffee at its prime while servicing that semi-OCD impulse we have to track stuff.

Also in Wowzr HQ Wishlist in Amazon

Em & Nick’s Coffee Scrub

 Em & Nick's Coffee Scrub - Wowzr

Coffee scrub skincare, what a concept right?! No it isn’t just another way to get caffeine into our system. It looks a lot like dirt, but Em & Nick sure make it look fun! Come to think of it, whether or not you’re coffee-obsessed like some of us are in Wowzr, coffee would make you perky in the morning and in the shower. Em & Nick’s Skincare products are made with upcycled coffee grounds and organic, natural ingredients.They partnered with Romy Fraser, the founder of Neals Yard Remedies and one of the pioneers of organic skincare and non-animal tested beauty products.  

Paired with the yummiest aromatherapy oils, this coffee treat is gently exfoliating, deeply moisturising and great for refreshing dull or dry skin.  It's 100% microbead free too.  It will save your skin AND the planet. An awesome 2017 gift (or gift TO 2017, depending on your perspective).


Bamboo cup cup - Wowzr

We came across this beautiful product in a Christmas Market Stall. The attraction was, well, honestly, because it looked so cool. There were so many designs to choose from that in my favourite colour palette alone I had to get 3. The designer had a heydey with this.

The main attraction: It is made of bamboo. Each year over 100 billion single use coffee cups go to landfill. Most contain plastic or wax so can't be recycled even if there were facilities to do so. It's an alarming statistic and, as coffee lovers, one upon which we felt compelled to act.  Feeling part of saving the planet in some small way is always a good way to start a new year. Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup you're helping make a tiny dent in the 100 billion single-use coffee cup problem.  Imagine if we all did it?!

Boombox will turn your coffee cup into a speaker

 Liam Boombox - Coffee cup into a speaker

...Actually this Boombox instantly turns any object into a loud speaker. It works perfectly using the tunes from any smartphone, laptop or anything with an audio jack. Simply attach the mini speaker pad to whatever you want; pizza boxes, shoe boxes, coffee cups or even rubbish bins to create crisp, clear sound. The bigger the object, the larger the sound! 

It is so simple to use and it is thus the perfect gift for kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and that gadgety uncle or cousin who loves music (and a small challenge). 

It sounds simple enough because it IS truly simple: Connect your iPod, MP3 player, smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV to the BOOMBOX via the 3.5mm universal headphone jack. Attach to virtually any surface, the bigger the better!

But herein lies the challenge: Half the fun is finding the box! We’ve been told by thousands of happy customers that epic music has come from shoeboxes, chilly bins, coffee canisters and even the toaster.

Bold, colourful design meets jaw-dropping tech-wizardry. Years later, our Founder Liam Miller still plays with his one in the office. Tunes with a coffee and after a coffee. Yup, we’re more than a tad obsessed.


We are ALWAYS on the lookout for more coffee paraphernalia and general coffee lifestyle stuff. Let us know if you find any by joining the conversation in Facebook!


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Kristina Marie