Welcome to Wowzr, your new online video shopping site and community

Wowzr is breathing new life into buying online. We want to say goodbye to boring catalogues and dull product descriptions. It’s time to make online shopping easier, more entertaining and a lot more informative.

All Wowzr products come with a guaranteed “wow factor” - they’re innovative, practical, and hard to find anywhere else.

Our friendly team of knowledgeable and fun presenters demonstrate our products to you through video, injecting humour, excitement, and information into everything they do. With Wowzr you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, before you head to the checkout.

When it comes to browsing and buying our products, we offer a world-class shopping experience. Buying from Wowzr on mobile or desktop couldn’t be simpler, and you can even enjoy super-speedy, headache-free one-click purchasing with PayPal.

Delivery is free on all orders £40 and over and if you order before 2pm, we’ll send it to you the same day. If you order a little later, we’ll dispatch it the next business day. Once you have purchased your products, we’ll send you an email so you can follow your packages via our online tracking service. We also offer easy, free returns and have a friendly and responsive customer support team.

But we don’t just sell innovative products, we listen too. You are a big part of the conversation at Wowzr. We love to hear about exciting new product finds and we enjoy sharing your ideas and tips with our community. Care to join us?

What's our story?

Wowzr was founded by Liam Miller. Liam grew up in his family’s travelling carnival in Australia. From a young age he spent the school holidays selling exciting new products to the public at shows through entertaining and informative demonstrations.

Always with an entrepreneurial streak, he wanted to bring this fun, dynamic way of shopping to the internet. He created Wowzr to showcase exciting new products online and give you the chance to shop whenever you like, wherever you are.

Liam never lost his love of fun and entertainment, and stayed close with his family - working with his mum to find the best new products out there. His goal is to reinvent the tired world of online shopping through video, bringing light-hearted, informative product demonstrations to online shoppers like you.

He created the company to make us think differently about buying online and hopes it will become your number 1 destination for bright ideas online.



“Products with a Wow-factor”

Each and every one of our products has been market tested and selected for its practicality, uniqueness, and “wow factor”.  We are very proud of our carefully-sourced product range and we just know you’ll love our brands as much as we do.

Entertaining Online Video Shopping

Our video shopping platform makes buying online fun again! See all our products demonstrated by friendly presenters before you purchase. And when you get to the checkout, it’s stress-free and fast - and just as easy to buy whether you are using a phone, tablet or computer.

Speedy Shipping & Free Returns

Once you’ve selected your product, we track your order from door to door and make sure it arrives. We really care about your experience, so if there are any problems with it, we guarantee a speedy replacement at no cost to you.

Outstanding Customer Support

Customer service is hardwired into everything we do. So if you have a question or issue, you can be sure we’ll listen to you and treat you like a valued client and friend. Our customer service team is here to help you and make sure you’re happy with our service in every way, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sharing Tips and Products With Wowzr?

If you find something on your travels, and you think we would love it too, tell us about it! We like to reward the Wowzr community members for top finds, so if we end up stocking what you bring us, we’ll give you £100 to spend in our store as a thank you. Check out the ‘Contact
Us’ page to fire over your ideas.

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