Wowzr X-Pop Portable Bluetooth Speaker Compact, portable and water-resistant, the X-Pop is designed for life– plus its superb sound quality means there’s no compromise when it comes to the music. Product #: XPOP Regular price: £34.99


Serious sound meets amazing design

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  • Features

    • Tiny Speaker. Massive Sound
    • Wireless bluetooth Technology
    • 360 degree Superb Sound Quality
    • Water-resistant beautiful design
    • 8 hour rechargeable battery
    • A Perfect Travel Gadget & Gift
    • 12 month warranty
    • Automatically pairs to your phone
    • Choose the X-POP that suits your style 
  • Sizes


    X-Pop Size:

    Item Capacity Item Size Pack Size Item Weight Pack Weight


    D6.3cm x H8.3cm D7.8cm x H10.2cm 202g 308g
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    Liam demonstrates X-Pop

    How to connect X-Pop and more

  • What's in the box

    1. X-Pop - Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    2. USB Power Cable 
    3. Carabiner
  • Description

    Tiny Speaker. Massive Sound 

    The XPOP never ceases to amaze. It’s compact and portable, packing massive sound and seriously awesome tech into its mini frame. It’s tiny at 8.3 cm x 6.3 cm in diameter and weighing a mere 202 grams.  Heck, you probably have boots that weigh more.  It completely changes the way you share music at home, at work, in the gym or on a road trip. Responsive bluetooth means you can send that song in your mind directly from your mobile phone, without any messy time-wasting wires.

    It’s sturdy as well, built for everyday life. And when life need not be confined to headphones, you can use the X-POP to share the soundtrack of your mind without seclusion from the rest of the world!

    A Beautiful Piece of Kit

    Resistant to water, sand and oil, the X-Pop is a toughie. It’s also light and compact, yet boasts a full-range speaker with a built-in passive woofer. The result is a glorious 360 degree sound.  It has a built-in mic for hands-free and conference calling. It also has a 10 meter bluetooth range. 

    In a gadget obsessed generation, this one makes a discreet, yet impactful design statement. Apart from its stunning sound it is a trendy little piece of art by Radim Malinic, an award-winning designer based in London, England. His work is renowned for its innovation, passion and creativity. We at Wowzr HQ are very proud to exclusively distribute the XPOP series which has allowed this revered designer to express his love for challenging, urban-inspired design with cutting edge technology. 

    The Perfect Travel Companion

    In that perfectly planned vacation, it is more than likely that your hotel won’t quite have the sound system you want. If like many music lovers your daily rituals come with specific soundtracks, then this is the perfect little speaker to pack. Slip this little beauty into your luggage for super sounds wherever you’re off to.

    The X-POP is also a fantastic gift. An arty package of superb sound and design. Every friend and family member who own a smartphone and love music need this as a present!

  • FAQs

    How do I get started with my X- POP Bluetooth speaker?

    Press the Power button to switch your X POP on. The white indicator should light up and the speaker should make a sound. Then press the Pairing button for 2 seconds, turn the Bluetooth settings to on with your device, and connect to the X POP. After a successful connection, you should be able to enjoy serious sound meeting stunning design.

    Do I have to manually connect my Bluetooth device to the X-POP every time?

    No, a clever little function of the XPOP is that it will remember the last 8 devices that it was connected to. When the XPOP is turned on, it will automatically attempt to reconnect to the last device that it was connected to.

    Why won’t my Bluetooth device connect to my X-POP?

    The XPOP has a wireless distance range of less than 10 metres, or 33 feet. Try moving your Bluetooth device closer to make sure it isn’t out of range. If this doesn’t work, make sure that the Bluetooth is active on your device and that the X POP is on. Disconnect your X POP device from other Bluetooth devices first and make sure that you’re connected to the right one. Make sure you can find “X- POP” on your device, and try turning your X POP off then back on again.

    How do I charge my X- POP Bluetooth speaker?

    The X POP comes with a USB charging cable included, so you’re able to charge it easily and efficiently with any computer or adaptor with a USB 5v output.

    How long does it take to charge the X- POP?

    The X POP takes only 3 hours to charge and in return gives you up to 8 hours of fantastic playback.

    What should I do if the music is distorted or drops out on my X-POP?

    Try moving your Bluetooth device and X POP away from other wireless sources in case you’re experiencing interference from them, and make sure that your Bluetooth device is within the X POP’s 10 metre range.Then make sure that other objects aren’t blocking the reception between your device and the X POP, and if your X POP speaker has low battery power, try recharging it before using it again.  Turn the volume down on your device and the X POP speaker too, as if they’re both too high this can lead to distortion.

    Why am I getting a weird or distorted sound when I play music?

    Sometimes if your X POP is not on a flat surface, or if it is surrounded by small or lightweight objects this can cause an abnormal sound output.

    Why does my music not start playing again after a phone call?

    This all depends on the type of mobile phone you’ve connected to the X POP. If music doesn’t resume after a phone call, don’t panic and simply press the Play button again to keep enjoying X POP’s fantastic 360 degree sound.

    Why is the microphone not clear?

    Make sure you’re right in front of the speaker microphone, and don’t be too far away from it when you have a phone call. Best practice is to be less than 40 cm or 16 inches away.

    The X- POP is waterproof right?

    While the X POP is water, dust and oil resistant, so that you can enjoy great sounds wherever you are, be it beach, park or car, it is not water proof. Don’t put it into water or heavy rain, and always unplug your charger before cleaning the X POP.  

    Why does the X-POP look so good?

    Here at Wowzr, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest products that don’t just work well but also look amazing too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with award winning designer, BrandNu, to bring you great sound alongside sensational custom design. 


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