Wowzr XDREAM XL - Powerful, Thin & Stylish Portable Power Bank The power packed into the X-Dream XL means you can charge your smartphone by up to 250% while on the go. Its sleek aluminium case means it’s tough and stylish too. Product #: XPXL Regular price: £39.99


Powerful, Thin and Stylish Portable Power Bank

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  • Features

    • A heavy-duty yet stylish power bank
    • 5400 mAh battery charges smartphones 2.5 times
    • Boasts a battery life of over 16 hours
    • A portable charger with 5 colours to choose from
    • Charges any smartphone or tablet.
    • Durable and scratch-resistant aluminum alloy.
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    Liam explains XDREAM Power Banks

  • What's in the box

    • XDREAM XL 5400mAh Power Bank
    • Portable travel sleeve
    • USB Power Bank charging cable
  • Description

    The Extreme Powerbank with unprecedented power

    This punchy power bank is perfect for more demanding lifestyles.  X-Power XL elevates your professional and personal media environment to the next level. Yes this is next-level hyper-connectivity in action. Although not quite as small as the XDREAM-XS, this powerhouse portable charger is still encased in a beautifully slim design.

     It’s heavy duty. Will keep your portable wireless devices going at lightening fast charge. Think at least one percent charge gained for every minute charged. So whether you need to urgently check emails or want entertainment on the move, you can keep numerous devices going for even longer.  

    A super tidy serious bit of kit

    A tad chunkier than the XDREAM XS, the XL is still pretty light and packs your pocket with astonishing levels of battery charge. It’s only 135 grams and ultra-slim at 12 cm. But here’s the best part:  all this perfectly packed power means up to 1000 extra emails sent, up to 29 hours of extra chatting time on the phone,  80 hours of music playback and up to 10 hours of Facebooking, Tweeting or Pinning. 

    We at WowzrHQ highly recommend never leaving this at home when going on a road trip or festie, as it guarantees connectedness and safety for days! 


  • FAQs

    Is the XDream XL Smart Power bank 5400mAh compatible with all mobile phones?

    The XDream XL is compatible with all mobile phones that are equipped with a USB male connection cable.

    How do I charge the XDream XL Smart Power bank?

    You can charge the XDream XL using the supplied USB cable. Just plug the USB connector into the XDream XS charger and plug the other end with into a computer or into an adaptor with a USB 5V input.

    How long does it take to charge the XDream XL?

    It takes about 3 hours depending on the charging power source.

    Can the XDream XL charge a GPS?


    How many times can you recharge the XDream XL Smart Power bank?

    Over 1,000 times.

    Can the XDream XL Smart Power bank be charged with an Apple Computer?


    Is the XDream XL Smart Power bank Windows 8 compatible?

    Yes, it will charge from a computer/laptop running Windows 8.

    Will the XDream XL charge older, non-smart mobile phones?

    Yes, as long as the mobile phone has a standard USB cable designed to charge your phone.

    Will the XDream XL Smart Power bank charge an iPhone 6?

    Yes, you need to use the original charging cable that was supplied with the Apple iPhone 6 or purchase a lightning tip converter connector, sold separately in the marketplace.

    Will the XDream XL Smart Power bank charge tablets?

    Yes, the XDream XL will provide emergency charge to most tablets.

    Will the indicator light let me know when my device is fully charged?

    Yes, when all 4 white indicator light are lit, your XDream XL Smart Power bank is fully charged.

    What do the indicator lights mean?

    XDream XL has 4 white indicator lights. 1 light shows 0~25% capacity of battery charged, 2 lights shows 25~50% capacity of battery charged, 3 lights shows 50~75% capacity of battery charged, 4 lights shows 75~100% fully charged. Once the charging or discharging process is started, the 4 white indicator lights will flicker one by one. Once all 4 white lights are lit, charging is complete.

    Will the XDream XL Smart Power bank charge an Android phone?


    Does the XDream XL Smart Power bank charge a laptop computer?


    Are you able to make phone calls while your phone is charging on XDream XL Smart Power bank?


    How do I charge XDream XL Smart Power bank if I don't have a computer?

    You can still charge it with any AC adapter that has a 5V USB input.

    Will XDream XL Smart Power bank charge a Nintendo 3DS?

    Yes, as long as the Nintendo 3DS has a standard USB cable designed to charge your Nintendo device.

    Is the battery user replaceable?


    Can the battery be replaced by the manufacturer?


    Does XDream XL Smart Power bank need to be completely dead before recharging?


    Why can’t my XDream XL Smart Power bank be re-charged?

    Make sure that the USB cable connection is in good condition, and then confirm that the adaptor’s output voltage and current comply with the XDream XL Smart Power bank’s charging requirements. Please refer to the manual instructions to see these requirements.

    Why when I press the battery status button of XDream XL Smart Power bank do no capacity indicators light up?

    This means that the battery has run out, please re-charge your XDream XL to full capacity before use.

    Why can’t I charge other devices through my XDream XL Smart Power bank?

    If the device’ requirements for input current and input voltage are higher than the XDream XL Smart Power bank’s, it can’t charge this device. Please refer to the manual instruction of the device. Make sure the USB cable connection is in good condition. And then reseat the USB cable and wait for a few seconds. If it still can’t charge, check the battery of your XDream XL Smart Power bank.

    Will the battery efficiency of the XDream XL Smart Power bank be reduced?

    Yes, the battery efficiency will be reduced after 1000 times of use. When out of service for a long period, it is recommended to retain 30% of power and charge the battery every two months.


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