XDREAM BOOMBOX V3 Rechargeable Vibration Speaker Take your party anywhere with BOOMBOX! This mini portable vibration speaker instantly turns any object into a loud speaker. Bold, colourful design meets jaw-dropping tech-wizardry. Product #: BB3 Regular price: £32.99


Rechargeable Vibration Speaker

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  • Features

    BOOMBOX V3 is the new and improved model of the much loved Boombox V2:

    • Stick on Everyday Objects to Create a Loudspeaker
    • Works on anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack
    • 6 hour rechargable battery (NEW)
    • Plug multiple Boomboxes into each other for louder music (NEW)
    • Apple/Android Compatible
    • Travel Size
    • Perfect Gift
    • Best Seller
    • 90 Days Warranty
  • Sizes

    BoomBox V3 Size:

    Item Capacity Item Size Pack Size Item Weight Pack Weight
    BoomBox V3


    D3.6cm x H8.5cm H16.3cm x L6.7cm x W4.5cm 54.5g 116g
  • Reviews

  • Videos

    Liam demonstrates the BOOMBOX v3!

    BOOMBOX v3 Full Demo (filmed on iPhone 5s)

    Difference between BOOMBOX v2 and v3

    How to get the best out of your BOOMBOX

  • What's in the box

    1. BOOMBOX - Portable Vibration Speaker 
    2. USB Power Cable 
    3. Spare BOOMBOX Sticky Pads x 2
  • Description

    Turn Anything Into a Speaker

    Break down the walls and say hello to new possibilities with the new BOOMBOX v3, the portable vibration speaker. Free your mobile media! Use your BOOMBOX v3 and attach it`s sticker to - well - whatever you want, to create crisp, clear amplified sound on the go.


    Easy-peesie Easy-charge

    BOOMBOX v3 has a long life. With over 6 hours playing time you can pick up and play whenever the mood strikes.

    Going for a long weekend somewhere? Take your BOOMBOX v3 without any worry it will die on you when you need it most. Need to charge it up again? No need for plugs or extra sockets. Just connect the provided USB cable into the 3.5mm port on BOOMBOX v3 and it'll charge up in no time. Simple!

    The world is your sound system.


    What you can use it on

    Attaching your BOOMBOX v3 sticky pad to objects with a large surface area enhances your sound. Turning up the volume all depends on how big it is.

    Share a video aloud over a coffee table with friends or attach your BOOMBOX v3 to the mirror to pump out music while you're getting ready to go out. The power is in your hands.


    Link up and Power up

    Plugging in multiple BOOMBOX v3s to each other powers up your speakers! There's no limit to how many you can link up so you can crank up the volume and surround yourself in sound.

    More BOOMBOX v3s mean more freedom and customization to create the vibe that suits the group. Be a crowd-pleaser and let everyone find their own spot to place a sticker - make your music synchronize with others!


    Compact, sleek and fun!

    Boombox v3 is designed with portability and style in mind. Small and light enough to fit in your bag or pocket, your BOOMBOX v3 is always there whenever inspiration strikes.

  • FAQs

    How do you power the BoomBox v3?

    BoomBox v3 comes with a USB charging cable, you simply plug one end into your BoomBox v3 Portable Vibration Speaker and the USB end into any power source to begin charging your device. This process should last around 3 hours.

    How long does the BoomBox v3 hold its charge?

    The BoomBox v3 Portable Vibration Speaker will hold a full charge for approximately 5 hours.

    What do I do if I can’t unwind the vibration head cable of theBoomBox v3?

    Try rotating the cable winder in the opposite direction. If you still can’t unwind the cable, try holding the outside cable and rotating the cable winder several times.

    The vibration head of my BoomBox v3 from objects.

    Try and check the stickiness of the sticky pad and clean the sticky pad.

    What is included with the BoomBox v3?

    Your BoomBox v3 comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, a headphone extension cable, a USB charging cable, a pack of 3 replacement Sticky Pads and an Instruction Manual.

    What colours does the BoomBox v3 come in?

    The BoomBox v3 comes in 2 base colours: sleek white or matt black. Each base has 3 different colours of wiring and decor to choose from: red, orange or green.

    How long do the sticky pads last for?

    The longevity of your sticky pads depends on how much you use your BoomBox v3 and how much they’re exposed to dirt and dust. The sticky pads collect dust and dirt when being left lying around or from being stuck to dusty objects. You can clean them by placing sticky tape over them and peeling away the dirt or wiping with a damp cloth, do this a few times and they should get 90% of their stickiness back. Generally you should get a couple of months use out of each sticky pad if you do this.

    When I switch on my BoomBox v3, the power indicator does not light up, help!

    Try pluggin in your USB wire to a different power source and charging to make sure it's not a faulty USB port. If the problem persists please get in touch at:  info@wowzr.com.au

    I’ve run out of sticky pads, help!

    Your Boombox comes with a pack of 2 replacement sticky pads. If you do need more, you can purchase packs of 10 for just $6.95 from https://wowzr.com.au/sticky-pads

    What kind of sound can I realistically expect from my BoomBox v3?

    There is a definite difference in sound quality depending on the type of surface that you stick your BoomBox v3 to. The surface needs to be thin enough to vibrate, plus as a general rule the bigger the surface the louder the sound will be.

    What are the best surfaces to get the best sound from my BoomBox v3?

    Not all solids are equal! The BOOMBOX V2 vibration speaker works best on surfaces that vibrate such as glass, wood and cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes work really well. Try using beer cartons or styrofoam eskis, thin glass windows, aus post boxes or thin walls and aluminium such as garage doors.

    Why is there so much distortion of the music?

    Make sure that the protective cover is taken off the sticky pad, and try charging your device to full. Also make sure the volume on your music player is set at below 100%.

    My BoomBox v3 only gives out a low volume. Why is this?

    The object you are using may be either too thick or too small. The BoomBox v3 vibration speaker works best on surfaces that vibrate well.

    Why doesn’t my BoomBox v3sound like it does in the video?

    The quality of sound your BoomBox v3 puts out really does depend on what you’re sticking it to! So give our favourite suggested surfaces (above) a go and hear the better result on the thinner larger surfaces. The type of music and recording quality of the music you’re listening to through your BoomBox v3 will also have an effect and if the sound can deteriorate as the battery runs low on juice, so try charging it up again.


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