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How to make anything your speaker

10 Oct 2014 06:40:52

You love music and you’re also on the go all the time. School, uni, out with friends, you’re just not home very often. And you don’t want to drag around expensive heavy speakers for your smart phone. But you’ve heard that portable speakers usually don’t have a great sound, it’s a bit tinny, a little weak, and it doesn’t do your music justice. Drumroll…we can make anything your speaker! You heard right, we have the speaker breakthrough to solve your portable music needs.


BoomBox Vibration Speaker
BoomBox comes in 6 vibrant colours


How does the BoomBox work

Our portable vibration speaker, called BoomBox v2 is guaranteed to give you the sound quality you’re looking for and, you can use any flat surface to do it! Use your car window, or the back of your laptop. Or use an empty pizza box, a bucket or a Styrofoam cup!


BoomBox Vibration Speaker
Make anything your speaker with BoomBox


BoomBox is extremely versatile. You can use it with Samsungs, iPhones, iPods, and most smart phones. You can also use it with your laptop to play MP3s, or your iTunes or Amazon music libraries. Use it as a travel speaker when you are on holiday, at your next party or off your laptop in the park.

Watch the BoomBox video

Seeing is believing so check out this video with the BoomBox in action. We’re into music as much as you are. So when we say we demand a lot from our speakers, we mean it. We are as serious, as only true music lovers can be. We’ve put the BoomBox vibration speakers through quite a workout to make sure they’re up to the standards we expect. We found these speakers to be easily portable, simple to use, and with amazing sound. No matter what kind of music you want to listen to, from Jay Z to One Direction, Basement Jaxx to Rihanna, Mumford & Sons to Michael Jackson, these little vibration speakers will deliver a powerful high quality sound and clarity that you demand for your music.

Why not give them a go today, and start enjoying good quality music wherever you are with BoomBox vibration speakers.

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