Power Banks/Portable Chargers


Personalisable Portable Charger

€ 24.99€ 19.99


Speaker, Powerbank and Media Stand

€ 44.95


Portable Power Bank

€ 39.99€ 33.99


Slim Stylish Power Bank

€ 35.95€ 29.95

Portable and slender these beautifully designed and versatile power banks keep your mobile phones, tablets, Kindles and more charged while on the go. Lightweight and super portable, these sleek chargers slip into your bag or briefcase practically unnoticed, for easy, on the move charging.

One sexy power surge:

    • Forget clunky chargers, ours are smooth, sleek and always stylish
    • Top engineering makes our power banks light yet durable and 100% travel safe.
    • Pumped with power, you can get up to a 250% charge while out and about.
    • All our Power Banks are compatible with iPhone 4/5/6, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, Kindle and all other devices that charge via USB including cameras.