XDREAM X-Loli Customisable Power Bank - Pocket Phone Charger This supercharged charger is as pretty as it is powerful. Small yet mighty, it pops in your pocket and gives up to a 130% charge. What’s more, it’s fully rechargeable and customisable too. Product #: XLOL Regular price: £39.95


Compact and Fun Portable Smartphone Charger.

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  • Features

    • Trendy personisable power bank
    • This power bank requires no cable to charge itself.
    • X-Loli will charge any smartphone including iPhone, Samsung, Android, Windows & More
    • Powerful 2800mAh li-polymer battery
    • Built-in USB charging plug means no cables required to charge it.
    • A perfect match for charging X-TEREO
  • Sizes

    X-Loli Size:

    Capacity Item Size Pack Size Item Weight Pack Weight

    2800mAh Original LG Battery

    D2.8cm x H9.8cm H12.5cm x L5.5cm x W4.0cm 75.5g 147g
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    X-Loli - The portable, Personal Power Bank

  • What's in the box

    1. X-Loli 2800 mAh Power Bank
    2. Built in USB Power Bank charging Cable
  • Description

    Never miss an epic selfie moment!


    This portable charger can complete defy the gadgety man stereotype as it is small and dainty.  It can be perfectly personalized using any printed photo.  It pops in your pocket and gives up to a 130% charge.

    This supercharged charger is as pretty as it is powerful. Sounds on the go and tech that never goes dead are of almost equal importance to anyone on the go. The X-Loli is the first portable and fully-personalisable battery charging techcessory. Super slim, at only 75g, it will be the most stylish device to charge your smartphone, camera, Kindle and more!

    Slim and sleek


    X-Loli is exceptional for being the spectacularly slim, featherweight and self-styled power bank. At 9.8cm tall x 2.8cm in diameter and only 75g, it weighs about as much as a bottle of nail polish, yet still packs a breathtaking amount of power charge. 


    The fun never stops as its hours of battery life is powered from2800 mAH and near universal application, making it perfectly ideal for all USB charged mobile devices.  


    Cable-free charging

    By far Wowzr HQ’s favorite feature: Bye bye messy cables.  To recharge the X-Loli, we have crafted a unique built-in USB charging plug with its own cable meaning you can recharge the X-Loli anywhere and anytime. The cable even doubles as a neat cover, click closed after recharging your mobile devices. Fashion meets function, all in a travel safe, lipstick sized case! You will still need your regular smartphone cables to charge your phone or tablet, but the x-loli itself is super simple to charge, pick up and go. A pretty piece of brilliant kit!


    Perfectly matched with X-TEREO, the tunes never stop as you can use it to recharge your portable speakers. How clever is that!

  • FAQs

    How do I get started with my X- Loli Portable Power Bank?

    To charge a device with your X-Loli portable charger, simply plug your devices original charging cable into the USB output port on top of your X-Loli, your X-Loli will automatically begin to charge your device.

    Why can’t I turn my X- Loli on?

    All indicators turn off when your portable power bank is running out of battery, if your device won’t turn on try charging it from a USB port. If that is not working try another USB port. You can check whether or not there is a fault with a USB port by charging a USB device directly from the port.

    Which devices does my X- Loli work with?

    X-Loli will work with all smart phones and electronic devices that plug into a USB port (the kind that you find on the side of a laptop or on the plug adapter that your smartphone originally came with. These include all makes of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, HTC One series, all Windows phones, all personal cameras that connect to a USB. The X-Loli also works with all E-Readers such as the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony etc. (oh yes, we’re bookworms too! :P                                                                      It is also possible to charge tablets with the X-Loli however for an effective charge they generally require a Power Bank with a bit more oomph. If that’s what you’re after we have just the thing: the XDREAM XL Portable Power Bank.

    How do I charge my X- Loli powerbank?

    The X-Loli portable battery charger comes with it’s own unique charging head that will fit into any USB plug adapter (the kind that comes with all smart phones) or any USB port on a computer or laptop. To charge your X-Loli simply plug it into a USB port – the red light will indicate that your power bank is being charged, a green light will indicate that the X-Loli is fully charged.

    How many hours does the X-Loli last for?

    Charge time depends on use (see above for specific examples), but on average the X-Loli will charge your device for about 15 hours.

    How much battery charge power does my X- Loli provide my phone with?

    Battery charge power also depends on use, and again you can see above for some specific examples, however on average it should provide a smartphone with an extra 100% battery power.

    How do I customise my X-Loli portable power bank?

    If you would like to customise your X-Loli (and why wouldn’t you – it’s awesome!), simply unscrew the bottom cap by following the arrow marked.  Remove the body of the charger from the clear plastic case and remove the insert that we provided. Roll your own picture into a cylinder and insert it into the clear plastic case,  pop the main body of the charger back in and screw the cap back on. Boom! You are now the envy of all your friends.

    For the perfect fit, your picture should be 74mm x 95mm  in size.

    What do the different indicator lights on the X-Loli mean?
    Green means go fully charged, a red light indicates that the X-Loli is being charged and a blue light is omitted constantly (unless you’re out of juice). The brighter the blue light the more charge you have, don’t worry though this is just stand-by mode and isn’t wasting any battery, the X-Loli ingeniously uses the natural wasted energy to power the blue indicator.

    What are the best maintenance practices for my X-Loli?

    If you aren’t using your X-Loli regularly we recommend you leave it with about a third of its charge left, and give it  a little re-charge every couple of months.

    Can I make a phone call while the X-Loli is charging my phone?

    Of course, the X-Loli will behave exactly like your normal phone charger which means you can continue to use your phone as you normally would while it’s being charged. Handy eh?

    Does the X-Loli come with a charger cable for my device?

    No, to save space and clutter the X-Loli comes with its own fixed charging head to recharge the power bank. To charge your own device you must use the original cable provided with the device that fits into a USB port.


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