Wowzr BOOMBOX Sticky Pads - 10 Pack Every BOOMBOX comes with 3 replacement sticky pads to give months of listening pleasure...and when the pads get dirty, you simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or even with a wet finger to get 90% of the stickyness back! But, if you run out of sticky pads, we’ve got you covered with a set of 10 replacement sticky pads which are specifically designed for your BOOMBOX. Product #: BB STP AU Regular price: £4.95

10 Sticky Pads

10 Replacement Sticky Pads for BoomBox V2 and V3

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    How long do the sticky pads last for?

    The longevity of your sticky pads depends on how much you use your Boombox and how much they’re exposed to dirt and dust. The sticky pads collect dust and dirt when being left lying around or from being stuck to things. You can clean them by putting sticky tape over them and peeling away the dirt, do this a few times and they should get most of their stickiness back. Generally you should get a couple of months use out of each sticky pad if you do this.

    How many Sticky Pads come in a pack?

    The BoomBox comes with a sticky pad already in place, plus 3 extras in the bottom of the packet. The extra sticky pads you can order here come in packs of 10.

    How can I increase the Sticky Pads life?

    You can increase the lifetime of the Sticky Pads by either wiping away accumulated dirt with a damp cloth (this should bring back 90% of the stickiness), or alternatively you can carefully apply and pull off sticky tape to the front of the sticky pad, this should pull off much of the dirt. It's also a good idea not to touch the sticky pad with your bare fingers because the natural grease and dirt found on skin can interfere with the stickiness.


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