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Seven Gifts Music Lovers Will Want For Themselves

3 Dec 2016 02:41:50

Musicians are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. Aspiring musicians and deejays, possibly even more so--as the joy of the struggle will undoubtedly taint their tolerance thresholds. Music lovers could be a tamer bunch to think of, and this is how we attacked the puzzle of what to give those who adore music. Those who simply need music to be part of their daily lives will love (at least one of, if not all) these awesome gifts.

The key is familiarity with actual music influences.  You  could do a reconnaissance mission and check their 'Top 25 Most Played' songs in their iTunes or 'Recently Played Artists' in Spotify.  After all, a Beatles-themed guitar pick may be scoffed at by a metal head.  A Metallica die-hard may love one Rob Halford song's lyrics immortalised...but in what colour?

 A unique one-off hand-painted cymbal - Wowzr HQ favourite for Musicians

A unique one-off hand-painted cymbal

Any drummer will love this. Also perfect for guitarists or ukulele players whose parents could only tolerate a 'smaller' instrument and will thus forever pine to make more noise.  Artist and drummer Josh Stadlen creates and sells gorgeous portraits on reclaimed drum cymbals. Whether you (or the drummer you love) live in the UK, USA or Timbuktu, Josh will ship to you with Track & Sign! 

Led Zeppelin Pillow - Wowzr HQ favourite
A Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Decorative Pillow

This one is just epic. A classy accessory for any muso’s pad.  If your friend does not want this to reside in the same space they live and create in, we’re not sure how they can possibly remain your friend...


Music Pillow - Wowzr Team favourite

 Other Music Pillows

...But ok, ok if said "music lover" friend doesn’t think Jimmy Page is epic, you can always give them this generic truth pillow gift. Still pretty cool.

Guitar string bracelet - Wowzr HQ favourite

Guitar string bracelet

Music is eternal. In this case, old guitar strings are, too.

A simple yet design led bracelet handcrafted from recycled guitar strings. This handmade bronze coloured recycled guitar string bracelet bound with some bronze wire is the epitome of cool. 



X-LOLI Personalisable Power Bank

What musician wouldn’t want and need a power bank for those long gig nights and treacherous after-parties? X-Loli can very easily feature their music idol, latest gig, or themselves rocking out. The power bank itself packs a punch with a 2800mAh li-polymer battery.

X-LOLI personalisable power bank
X-LOLI is perfect for that person who owns a smartphone or anything that charges with a USB charger...But it’s really the customisation feature we love so much. Obviously. Such a cool gift that takes 5 minutes to personalize using any printed photo...


personalised favourite song sound wave - Wowzr Favourite

Their favourite song as a Framed Visual Tribute

Have their favourite song or one-hit wonder (or very first composition) transcribed into soundwaves for a stunning visual and musical piece. It’s just beautiful on any old wall. Now riddle me this: if you were to pick a song sung by Rob Halfod or Australian singer Adam Lopez, what on earth would 6 octaves look like visualised?


XTEREO - bluetooth speakers - Wowzr 

XTEREO - Bluetooth Speaker Set of 2 - Stereo Sound 

True blue musos will not travel with sub-standard sound. Creating is hard work, and so is chilling out. This brilliant set of speakers produces sense surround stereo impact with separate left and right channels.  Operated on wireless bluetooth technology, making it compatible with any smartphone & tablet. A perfect gift for anyone who loves music.


So, there you go: Seven music-themed gifts, deadly only because you may want them for yourself really!

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