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Futuristic Parenting

14 Nov 2016 21:03:19

The word is out: Virtual Reality is not for children.  

But with that they mean Oculus Rift Type immersion and other goggles that keep kids even more face-planted on their gaming devices, rather than face-planting in the course of semi-rough sport on the playground!

Toy maker legends such as Fisher Price have invested millions in investigating the viability of toys that engage and acknowledge kids living in this tech age, without devolving the experience to pure code. We are in that boat (well perhaps sans the millions)...To explain simply: we are as big a fan as any to offer toys for which your kids need to unleash their imagination... Check out this clever invention...we bring you one of the British Toy Fair's most recent hits: Mardles!

Mardles are the stickers that come to life...It's old-school and tactile (and also re-usable)-- and yet so clever and amazing!  Stick your Mardles on to any flat surface, open our free app and watch one of more than 50 characters move, jump. spin, walk, and fly...
Each pack features 6 different characters and there are 2 of each in the pack. These are absolutely perfect for inquisitive boys and girls using any smartphone or tablet.
   The Mardles App can be downloaded from   
   Apple, Amazon and Google Play stores. It’s
   Once the app is downloaded, it no longer uses any  
   wifi nor mobile data to get the characters moving.
   Kids can play with them, literally anywhere at home,
   in the car or on the go...but without the worrying
   aspect of chasing them around like Pokemon Go
   characters all over public places.  They are
   interactive and will encourage kids to use their

   The best part is--just like certain Pixar animation  
   favorites--big kids and adults love them too!  
   The reality is that virtual reality and technology aren't    
   going away anytime soon. Mardles is one toy that
   embraces technology (yet is kind to your mobile
   data)...and in sparking inquisitive young minds it can
   mean hours of fun kid-time.

   Know any kid who may be keen to add their
   imagination to this stuff?

   It's the perfect stocking stuffer!


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Kristina Marie