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5 things you’d rather do at work

25 Oct 2016 23:00:17

Since time immemorial, music has lifted spirits, rallied tribes and aggravated doomsayers. We believe (but of course one may think we’re slightly biased) that a big proponent of any aggravation is the quality of The Sound...And there'a also the possibility of course, that The Aggravated are unaware of just how easy it is to supplement every waking (or working) moment with the right music at the right time...
Boombox makes filing cabinets way more fun when made into a speaker

Enter Boom Box, making everything into a speaker, at any given moment, Followed by X-Pop and X-Tereo, blasting away at home, at work and at play....but aaaahh what you may NOT know about us at Wowzr is that we ask our customers questions ALL the time. And this mini-blog is all about the 5 things you’d rather do, but may not want to get caught at work doing... 

It’s not what you think it is-- so get your mind out of the gutter!

1. Facebooking and seeking exes across the globe
Professionally stalking people isn’t an excuse, we’d like to say; but we did ask the question thus we have braced ourselves for the answers!

2. Ordering something online like ‘Very British Problems” or lingerie Seems self-explanatory somehow.
Yes? No? Moving on...

3. Sneaking whiskey into your coffee cup
Ok, in Spain this is technically a ‘carajillo’ - a shot of espresso with Bailey’s or Cognac or 43...But the boss lady reckons these moments are reserved for the home or for Ibiza, so go figure. 

4. Calling your cat (or kid or mom) on Skype to just make sure they’re alright
Yea, like you’ve never done it. We know, cats totally know it’s their human in that ridiculous screen within a screen. Meow!

5. Turning the filing cabinet into a speaker
(Yes, this WAS actually suggested, true story! And by the way you can also turn your coffee cup into a speaker after you’ve downed the whiskey-tainted coffee. Whether you streammusic or play mp3s from your phone.

...Our Founder Liam shows you how: Coffee Cup into a Speaker and then some

Think these Top 5 aren’t the bee’s knees and can do better? Join the conversation in Facebook


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Kristina Marie